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Rachael's Goodbye Luncheon

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Cyndi Israel

Thanks for the pics!  Thanks for the memories!  

McDonough Presbyterian Church

McDonough Presbyterian Church is rooted in the past with over 150 years of faithful, dedicated service to Jesus Christ and to the community, but not buried in the past. Instead, we are a dynamic, growing family of faith seeking fresh ways to being God’s people today. We are a delightful blend of believers: adults and toddlers, couples and singles, teenagers and seniors, wealthy and not so wealthy. We enjoy being together to evangelize and eat, pray and play, sing and serve, worship and work. We are a church that is large enough to meet your needs, small enough to need you.
Our goal is to help people discover all they can be through a personal friendship with Jesus. Life is a roller coaster of events, some tragic, some terrific. We hope to assist folks in handling both successfully.
We believe questions about the faith are welcome, but simple answers to them are not; God loves us just the way we are, but loves us too much to allow us to stay that way. Followers of Christ are not perfect, but our relationship with Him makes a difference in how we live. We believe the story of Jesus is intended to touch both hearts, and move from pulpit to pew to pavement.

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